Where To Buy Weight Loss Supplements & Bariatric Diet Food? – The Top five stores

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Know More About The Top five stores for Weight Loss Supplements & Bariatric Diet Food

Holiday season is almost upon us! And with it comes time with family, fun, friends and of course lots of food!

Holiday weight gain has now become a subject of scientific studies. People have known to gain as much as 10 pounds from Thanksgiving to the New Year. There are many reasons that account for this: Holiday stress to meet timelines & expectations, many family visits and parties, intake of high-calorie food and alcohol etc. All this when accompanied by cold weather and slow metabolism, further adds to the waistline.

As per weight loss experts, it can take over five months to loose this weight. And looking at the multiple factors leading to this weight gain, it takes more than individual efforts. As each body, it’s the dietary requirement and functioning is unique, it is always better to the advice of evidence based scientific professionals to support the targeted weight loss plan.

After an exhaustive research and studying thousands of customer reviews, we have prepared a list of five of the most trusted companies that are backed by qualified nutritionists who create personalized meal plans and counseling sessions to give the best possible results. These range from low calories meal providers, organic raw food and juice providers.


  1. Doctors Best Weight Loss:

Doctors Best Weight Loss is focused on helping people reach their weight loss goals by making the best products accessible at the best prices. They are best known for their brand NutriWise that helps to burn fat, reduce calories intake and increase energy levels. Other products are Doctors Best Weight Loss, Doctors Best Weight Loss Premium, NutriWise and ProtiWise, which are advised by Hospitals and weight loss clinics around the world.

The products include Vitamin supplements, Protein bars, shakes, desserts, snacks, and low calories meals in flavors that everybody enjoys.

Discounts & Offers: Doctors Best Weight Loss products are shipped free in the United States on order size of $69 or more.

They have ‘All Week Sale’ running which is offering a 10 % storewide discount (CODE: CYBER10) and Triple rewards scheme for their members. Get more on Doctors Best Weight Loss Coupon Codes and Offers at CouponsMind.com

  1. Raw Generation:

This brand has quite an inspirational story behind it. After losing both her grandmothers to cancer, Jessica Rosen took it upon herself to study the role of food and provide people a healthier way to eat. Obesity is the root cause of many diseases, at times life-threatening.

This company makes access to raw food and juices convenient especially when they want to lose weight. Their products are free of artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives, and colors. They are even packaged in BPA free bottles.

Their brands include SKINNY CLEANSE (Juices for weight loss), Protein Cleanse (Protein Smoothies and Juices), Hemp Protein Smoothies for vitality and vibrancy, Cole pressed green juice for revitalization, Cold pressed juices for beauty, brilliance and hydration etc.

Discounts and offers: They are offering a range of discounts on their products. This can be activated through Discount Code: SKINNY70. Get more on Raw Generation Coupon Codes and Offers at CouponsMind.com.

  1. Official HCG Diet Plan:

This brand brings an experience of around sixty years in developing and offering products that impact the body’s metabolism so that there is effective weight loss without a drastic impact on the intake of food.

Their HCG Drops regulate the hypothalamus gland, which controls the metabolism and use of stored fat in the body. The drops replace any depleted HCG and reprogram the glans to use the stored fats.

They offer customized services in the form of diet plans ranging from fifteen days to ninety days for individuals as well as couples. Other products include African Mango, Green Coffee Bean extract, Vitamin supplements, Argan Oil etc.

Discounts & Offers: Special pricing schemes, discounts, referral programs of Official HCG Diet Plan can be accessed at HCG Diet Coupon Codes Store.

  1. Nashua Nutrition:

Nashua Nutrition brings a decade of experience in helping people achieve weight loss and maintaining it. The product range is designed scientifically and includes nutritional weight loss and bariatric products.

Their product range includes General health products, Meal replacement, Protein liquids, Pills and tablets, Vitamins and minerals, Snacks and Desserts, Puddings, Protein Bars etc. Hospitals, physicians and weight loss clinicians endorse these products.

Discounts & Offers: Nashua Nutrition is offering a special discount for the Holiday season. The discounts can be availed on the Protein products by using the code: PROTEIN10. Get extra discount and coupon codes of Nashua Nutrition at CouponsMind.com.

  1. InVite Health

This is a unique health brand, in existence since the last twenty-five years,  that not only develops innovative health products but also changes the mindset of people by providing nutrition education. They also provide a luxury retail store experience.

The success of this company has been because of the diverse and multi-sectoral experts that have come together- pharmacists, nutritionists, and other healthcare experts who conduct scientific and evidence-based research into the health & wellness needs of people keeping them in line with the users’ lifestyle and personal needs.

Their product range covers all the aspects of one’s health- supplemental products or multivitamins, energy boosters or skincare solutions.

The use of highest quality materials and the best manufacturing practices have led them to meet industry standards. They are one of the few companies offering 100 % GMO-free nutritional supplements.

Discounts & Offers:

For the Holiday season, InVite Health is offering Holiday Bundles, 30% off on the InVite Core Nutrition Program, Free Consultations, $ 20 off as Hanukkah Savings, Free Shipping etc.

The most important factors for any successful weight loss program are an individual’s motivation, self- determination and a strict adherence to any plan that they follow.

While the options available in the market are numerous and can be very confusing at times, the plans that will work best will depend on many factors such as the body structure, metabolism, age, gender,  the presence of diseases etc. It is always better to back any program that one intends to follow with personal, customized and science based advice.

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