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We love shopping for clothes; in fact, almost everyone does unless they are too annoyed from roaming around and going to different shops to get the right outfit. Not to worry though, we are lucky to be born in an age where you can even purchase products online, and they will be delivered to your house without you having to do anything. Many people get tired and frustrated from roaming around in the shops but women love shopping and do it well often, but men get frustrated from taking them sometimes. The best way to get over this would be to buy online, and that’s where Skinnyshirt comes in place.

Skinnyshirt is a company based in America. Their goal is to build a global platform where people can interact and also buy stuff which they like. So basically they wanted to create a base where all the people could communicate with each other and also help each other out with choosing clothes and other stuff.


Skinnyshirt is an online e-commerce store which has mostly target on the women’s market but also deals with kids as well. They sell almost all sorts of dresses for girls. They use high-quality fabric and try to provide the best prices possible. They sell all kinds of stuff tanks, hoodies, sweaters, collars, etc.

Skinnyshirt Shipping

Skinnyshirt provides outstanding shipping services to its customers. They ship domestically all over the United States of America and surely ship also in Canada as well. The drawback though is they do not ship all over the world. You can contact on their email to find out whether they will ship to your country or not. Shipping in foreign countries might cost a little more than usual as there are added taxes and duties.


Skinnyshirt Return Policy

If you receive a defected piece or a damaged one you can easily contact them through email or helpline. The company will guide you through the entire process. Like most companies, two options are given either you can get a refund or you can get it exchanged with a new one that’s up to you.


Skinnyshirt Pricing

There are a lot of things out there that claim to have good quality and sell for around 30 Us Dollars but we know that’s not the case and in truth, they do not have very good fabric. Although Skinnyshirt products might cost just a little more like for example, the hoodies cost around 70 Us Dollars. So the price might seem high at first, but the fabric they use justifies it pretty well.

Skinnyshirt Discounts

To be honest, I didn’t see much discounts on the website. But considering the fact they offer such nice fabric and high-quality clothes you can leave that out. Although they do have the bigger official sales every once in a while. For more details about skinnyshirts coupon codes from couponsmind.


Pros and Cons of Skinnyshirt


  • Great website platform
  • Friendly customer services
  • High-quality fabric


  • High prices
  • No to little discounts
  • Complete information not available on site

Final Verdict

Skinnyshirt is a great website for buying clothes online, it has its drawbacks and might seem too costly at first, but when you try it out, you will yourself be satisfied with it for sure.

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