TeethNightGuard Review: Are The Offer Highest Quality Custom Made Dental Guards?

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Teethnightguard Review

TeethNightGuard is there in the market for 13 years. They are a part of Sparking White Smiles Dental Lab. They make highly recommended dental guards. Sometimes for teeth pain, you may get a headache, discomforts and many more things. Their customized guard solves all types of problems. They make guards as per your problem. They also make night custom guard and its fit properly.

This company also makes so many types of the mouth guard for upper portion and also for down portion of mouth. You need to select which one you need to go like light, moderate or severe teeth grinder. Nightguard made by highly professional technicians and it is very high quality. If you give for customization also it provides correct fitting. If you inform them they can come home and do the teeth guard fitting.

They mainly provide the teeth guard to the dentist, oral surgeon, neurologist, ENT physicians, physical therapist, chiropractors, etc. They also solve the problem for teeth grinding which is also called as bruxism.

They offer various types of teeth guard. such as

  • Soft dual layer night guard: This is mainly made for light to moderate teeth paining. In this, they have lower and upper guard both with a carrying case. This is 3mm standard thickness. After ordering you will receive full kit where instruction will be available.
  • Extra durable dual layer medium density night guard: This is ideal for moderate to heavy grinding and clenching. It is extra strong because of heavy teeth pain. You no need to take any doctors appointment. Only you need to follow their kit. It will guide you completely.
  • Hybrid dual layer laminate night guard: It is applicable for if you have heavy teeth grinding and clenching. It is made with 3mm dual layer with extra thickness. Hard acrylic gives more strength, durability and also flexibility. After wearing it start providing comfort soon because it is suitable for more pain.
  • Ultra-thin hard acrylic single layer slim fit guard: This is very good layer. They can do customization as per their needs. Quality is unbeatable and also very durable. It is covered with Invisalign tray. Its lifespan is 2 to 5 years. Buyers have to mention which potion they want while ordering. When they will receive the order they will get a toolkit. In that manual is available. There every setting procedure has mentioned.

They also have some more teeth guard like soft flexible single layer 2mm slim fit custom teeth night guard, Standard soft flexible dual layer 3mm custom teeth grinding night guard, Tuff brux 4mm thick soft custom night guard, Extra durable dual layer pro from 3mm custom night guard, Ultra-thin hard acrylic single, Hard acrylic dual layer 2mm-3mm dental night guard, Hybrid dual layer 3mm custom night guard, etc.

This is the best one which you can buy:

They make four types where you will find your all problem solution. You can also buy four of them together. Depending on your pain you can use it. It definitely gives good peaceful sleep. You no need to show any doctor and you can also save a lot of money. Any query you can ask them or in the kit also all instructions are available.

After the completion of the order they follow some procedure. Those are discussed below:

  • Step 1. They will ship one teeth impression kit. You need to follow the instruction in your home and give a time of five minutes.
  • Step 2. Then take a teeth impression and mail them.
  • Step 3. After receiving measurement, they start preparing your teeth guard. You will receive your customized teeth guard in your home.
  • Step 4. Just follow the procedure and fit it to your teeth and sleep happily.

Coupons and gift card: There price is very affordable. They keep very less margin. So they can not afford any discount or coupons. They even do not provide any gift card. In reviews, their satisfied customers mentioned that TeethNightGuard charges very less compare to the dentist. Find latest deals and teethnightguard coupon codes from Couponsmind.

Shipping and return policy:

After receiving the order, they ship the product as soon as possible. Every detail you will receive mail. Their packaging is very good. The product definitely reaches with safety. After receiving from your side teeth impression they can decide the delivery time for your order. Normally everything gets complete within 10 days.

For the customer satisfaction is very necessary. They give the money back guarantee too. For 99% of the customers, it fits in the first time. If 1% customers it does not fit, they can do return. TeethNightGuard makes new ones and you need to provide teeth impression again. They make sure that the second time it fits properly. They will work with you till you get satisfaction. For return you need to mail directly to them and mailing must be like that they can locate the order information. While doing return you need to mention the full name, shipping address, phone number, and also valid email id and also purchase date.

They even have a privacy policy. They keep safe every detail of their customers. Such as name, address, number, credit card number, etc. Their portal is made such a way that your order is always safe with them. Payment gateway also works very smooth.

They maintain privacy properly if anyone asks for any information also they will not provide them. There are some terms and condition which you have to follow before you do the order of oral appliance:

  • If you had shown any dentist and your problem is severed, then they will consult your doctor before.
  • TeethNightGuard makes everything under dentist supervision.
  • If you do not have any allergic reaction for the FDA approval then you can purchase teeth from them.


1. All their night guards are BPA and Latex free.
2. After wearing this you will get peaceful sleep.
3. It protects teeth from grinding and clenching.
4. Affordable in price.
5. Instruction kit is available with teeth guard. You can follow the procedure.
6. Durability is more.
7. You will start getting relief immediately


1. These teeth guards are better to compare to others.
2. Fitting is perfect so that after wearing people feel very comfortable.
3. They have so many types. As per your problem you can select it.
4. No need to visit any other store. Your all types of teeth problem solution is here.
5. Maximum life span for teeth guard is 2-5 years.
6. Every dental problem solution they has.


1. The person who makes teeth is not a dentist.
2. You need to take your teeth impression by yourself.
3. The time of ordering teeth guard you should not be pregnant.


TeethNightGuard is the best. The teeth maker may not be the dentist but they are excellent in work. Teeth guard fits properly to everyone. For everyone, it is custom fit. Teeth guard quality is also good. Lifespan is also more compare to other competitors. Their product is very cost effective. They make teeth guard perfect for you so that you will get peaceful sleep. They provide 100% customer satisfaction. They may not be specialized but they are experts.

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