Modern Nursery Review: Is it The Best Place To Buy Baby Products?

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Modern Nursery started in July 2009. They manufacture all unique products for the baby so that little one can enjoy, do fun. They make the thing such a way that it attracts baby and tell a baby’s story. It is perfect to fit your nest. Every parent spends a lot of time to organize nursery thing in the room. Modern nursery makes it worth. For decorating baby room everything you will get such as stickers, mobiles, picture frames and much more. They have two different stores called wall sticker shop and Pokkadots. Their online portal is good and very much updated. Normally people do not face any problem to search the product and to complete the payment through their payment gateway.

They offer various types of baby products. such as

  • Furniture: Because of Modern nursery you can make your baby furniture in a very stylish, and safe way. They have baby cribs and furniture in various range, style, and colors. There are various design in classic, modern, contemporary style. They complete their furniture setting with good finishing, and also they do double checking too.
  • Bedding: They always consider the best quality which they offer. Their nursery bedding has excellent collection matching with all baby needs. If you want you can do the modification. This modernnursery offers classic looks and styles where your little one will fall in love with his bedding. They have separate bedding for boy and girl.
  • Décor: Décor your kid’s room is not so easy. To make it attractive you need the unique collection of wall stickers and rug. You can match with the rug and twin bedding which makes kid’s room very attractive. Your kid must like your kid’s room.
  • Gear: Baby gear has different types like strollers, high chair, etc. so many types they have that parents will be happy. They have separately for mom to carry baby slings and carriers bag. Much more selection they have of meal, bath and bedtime accessories. Those are very affordable in price.
  • Diaper Bags: After baby born diaper bag is essential. Parents have to use it for untill they grow. So in that case the diaper bag is really worth it. They have a bag pack kind of bag those are very spacious. It has a separate compartment so that you can use it for carrying other things too.
  • Toys and Books: You will get cool new toys for your baby at this site. You also get educational types top which includes fun. From the help of this type of toy, you can make your children mentally develop. Books are more creative with good attractive photos. Through those photos, child creates imagination in their mind.
  • Cute clothes: For newborn baby they have good quality cloth. Those are very cute and affordable in cost. For boy and girl, they have a separate collection. They even have a seasonal collection.
  • Gift Ideas: They have separate gift section where you will get good gift ideas for mom, dad, and baby. Something is available which can be done for three of them. Those are a very classic collection.

According to the Wall Sticker:

  • Most popular: if you like something which has already use in your relative house you can search here, you may get it.
  • Shop by style: They have so many types of wall stickers. So it is better to search by style. Then you will get your desire one. There are popular items which come under the most popular category.
  • Shop by room: For which room you want the wall sticker you can mention that in the website. So that for the suitable one you will find it easily. They have a separate collection for living room, bedroom, kitchen and much more. Some painting in such a way that you no need to clean wall in weekend taking much time. Because of the material, it is easy to clean.
  • Shop by brand: You can put your desire brand name with category and start searching.
  • Accessories and décor: To get complete unique look accessories is important. Accessories can be mirror wallpaper, coo clock, and much more.

This is the best one which you can buy:

Baby bed is the best in this site. The furniture they use is very good quality. This is very safe and they maintain eco-friendly standards. Every product is good whatever they are selling for baby..

Modern nursery – Buy Best Baby Products

Coupons and gift card:

Their gift card always comes in a package. They will be sending you the modern nursery code and while second purchase time you can use it while checkout.

They have reward points too. After you register in every purchase you will redemption. According to the amount, redemption will get credited. After purchasing someone purchase will be free with those points. Always you cannot use those points. After reaching a minimum level you can redeem it.

Sometimes instead of taking redemption points, you can take coupon too. Both have the same value.

Shipping and return policy:

They do shipping all over the world. After $99 they do free shipping. Their charges depend upon the country. After getting order they will send shipping quote via mail. If it is weekend, then it takes around 12-24 hours to get a shipping quote. After receiving the order, they take 3-5 business days to ship the product, rest days it depends on the place.

If customer changes the address in last moment, then they have to pay extra because of courier rerouting. Sometimes customers provide incorrect address too. No free shipping in Canadian orders. After receiving the order you can track your order.

If you are not satisfied with the product you can do the return. Return can be done within 14 days of delivery. There are few items which are non-refundable. Depending on the place shipping charges required. Sometimes if an emergency you can contact to their toll-free number and apply for replacement of damaged item.

Benefit: Customer gets more benefits to compare to other sites. Those are discussed below:

  • You will get a verity of the item, no need to search in other stores.
  • Their products are very affordable in price.
  • Quality is good, even stylish product.
  • You will get a various range of item according to your budget.
  • They do everything with proper documentation.

Advantage: They have unique advantages which are the following:

If you are not able to an order the app or their website, you can order your product through the phone. They have a toll-free number.

They can assist you from any kind of product-related query, order query, etc. through their live chat support.

They have an option called FAQ where all types of customer quarries they had already mentioned answer.

Disadvantage: These are discussed below:

  • After 30 days of delivery, they do not take the return.
  • Their coupons have validity.
  • They take delivery charges.


This is the best website for the baby product. Quality is unbeatable. All products are affordable in price. Customer support is very good and employees talks in a well-manner. Their employees have good talking skills.

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