Is Horze an Equestrian’s Paradise or a Complete Nightmare?

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Horse Riding is a sport flamed by an acquired taste. Horse Riding is a passion- the feeling of bonding with a spectacular animal that has often appealed both sports and animal lovers. Every time a historical movie pans out on our screen, we see our hero clad for war galloping on a magnificent horse, making his way to war. However, horse riding is easier said than done. It not only requires an immense amount of patience, connectivity, courage, and skill- but also equipment and gears that would make this sport more finesse. But, horse riding accessories require skilled artisans to carefully craft accessories that would go on to make your horse riding experience a rather exhilarating one. Being said so, we went on the hunt to find the best equestrian website there is and that’s when Horze popped up in front of us.

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In the world of digitalization, the world wide web has, in fact, had a profound effect on shopaholics where people can now access a whole catalog from the comforts of their own and have the products delivered to them without the hassle of long queues, parking spot dilemmas and so on. However, the internet can be a tricky platform where alongside genuine sellers, you would come across misleading ads, hoodwinkers and what not. Hence, the Couponsmind team decided to do a through and through with Horze so that you and your equestrian passion never face disappointment. In this review, we will discuss pointers like-

  • The Horze Origin
  • What does Horze promise to their equestrian customer base?
  • Product Quality & diversity displayed by Horze
  • Will Horze be a bit too heavy on your wallet?
  • What do customers think of Horze?
  • Shopping and shipping convenience

Now, in a world full of online apparel, makeup, and accessory stores- an equestrian-themed business venture does sound scarce but interesting. Imagine a one-stop marketplace where you can buy all your horse-riding equipment and have them delivered to your doorstep. This concept is what caught our eyes when we saw Horze.

How did Team Horze come to be? Couponsmind Reviews tell you how the inception of Horze occurred!
The Scandinavian organization- Horze in the present day recognizes itself as a growing global provider of equestrian accessories who are ready to establish themselves as the market leader in the near future. However, the company was initiated way back in 1982 with three horseshoe makers from Finland under the name Finn-Tack. As passion resulted in rewards and in 2003, the company started its new line of equestrian exclusives under the brand line Horze. If we are talking names, we simply love how they have churned their love for horse and accessories into a quick pun calling it “Horze”. However, the real question remains whether Horze can genuinely quench the thirst for ace equestrian equipment and gear or will it be a nightmare shopping experience with them?

Couponsmind Reviews tell you whether Horze lives up to their promise or not?

Horse riding is more than just a sport- it’s a connection and to master the equestrian way of life is what Horze believes firmly. The venture is not shy to reveal their utmost passion for horses and stemming from the same passion and intensity, Horze wants to contribute as much as possible towards the horse-riding communities by providing us with a range of exclusively crafted equestrian gears and accessories.

Team Horze

The website showcases a troop of passionate horse riders flocking under the brand line Horze which makes us believe this business venture is much more than an equestrian accessory selling platform.
Now, the question is- what can Horze offer to us and how legit will it be in terms of quality and catalog choice?

What do we know about Horze’s product quality and range? Find out in this Couponsmind Review.
Horze boasts of a centralized production hub with an approx. 40 employees overseeing the production, manufacturing, marketing and customer relations all under one processing unit. However, their warehouses are set up in Ukraine and China as Horze proclaims the wholesaling and retailing experience backed by “superior quality” makes their business endeavor a unique experience as compared to its competitors.
In fact, customers advocate for the same as we came across quite a few happy buyers praising Horze’s craftsmanship. From the stitching to the color palette, the effortless equestrian styles to the clothing range- horse riding lovers seem to be quite ecstatic about their purchases. Buyers have even remarked how the quality and price exceeded their expectations in comparison to the local equestrian stores around them. However, concerns have been raised by potential buyers over the quality or credibility of the horse bridles or leather boots where shiny leather is a big no-no. Nevertheless, the diversity of their products ranging from horse accessories to apparels and equipment has wowed the crowd to the core.

Is Horze diverse enough to sate your equestrian needs? See what Couponsmind found out- We simply love the Horze catalog which lists mostly anything and everything you can think of – you get to choose from a wide assortment of items like

  • Healthcare products like first aid, hoof, tail and mane care, insect control and liniment clays and even horse feed and supplements.
  • Stable equipment like tools, stall and grooming supplies, clipping, trimming and fencing gears and more.
  • Horse accessories like fleece blankets, protection boots, saddles, and bridles.
  • Horse riding apparel wear breeches, vests, sweaters, horse riding pants, riding helmets, footwear, reflective wear and more.
  • Racing gear like protective helmets, harness sets, earplugs and hoods, saddle pads, leg protection and more.

What did we love about the Horze apparel collection?

If you have a keen eye for exclusive excellence, Horze promises to offer you custom made embroideries. You can get your club logo, school or group name stitched to your horse riding outfit with a personalized design- which for us is a sweet deal. Shopping apparels with our custom-made design does sound wow. However, you cannot return or refund your custom-made apparel so make sure you order the right fit at the first go!

Horze Collection- Too Pricey or Simply Affordable? Couponsmind Reviews break down Horze Pricing Range
Horze Price range varies from collection to collection with the stable accessories ranged between $1.99 to $319or more. The price range heavily depends upon what you choose to purchase, for example, if you’re interested in a pair of professional clippers you can get them for $349.99 whereas a handy pocket trimmer will cost you around $19.

The same goes with the healthcare products where a pack of 100 Electrolyte Gold sachets would be something around $149 or TRM Hemorex for $121. You can also shop horse grooming products like brush or bathing gloves for $2-4. A mane shampoo, conditioner or coat spray would range between $14-19 whereas you can buy a bottle of Cavalor Lurax (to treat minor skin wounds in your horse) for $37.

Thermo blankets for your horse would be something around $62 but if you only want the best for your magnificent pet- you can buy your horse a fleece blanket for $168.

Coming to apparels, breeches, and tights would be something around $59 or $119 with boots ranging from $69-169.

If you’re on a budget, you can also make the best of your shopping spree with their sale section which lists products going through flash sales which can go as high as 50% if you’re lucky.

The diverse collection of accessories, equipment, gear, and apparels are really interesting as equestrian lovers get spoilt for choice. The budget solely depends on what you want or how you want it. You can get a little of both- easy affordable products and items that are finessed but a bit on the pricey range.

Customers Tired of Waiting for Orders from Horze | Couponsmind Reviews

However, one prominent concern has been voiced by a lot of customers shopping from Horze. Although Horze promises you a prompt delivery with orders being shipped within 24 hours, a lot of buyers complained how the wait seemed never-ending and the products just wouldn’t show up on time. This is prominent particularly in the Netherlands where buyers said the service quality was below average with keen customers leaving messages on and on without getting a proper reply back.

Horze Still Promises Fast Shipping | Couponsmind Reviews

Even though customer relations does not seem to be Horze’s strong suit- they do offer overnight deliveries for $39.95. Standard deliveries are said to be within 2 to 5 business days with orders above $75 being eligible for free delivery.

For Canada or international shipping, the rates vary from country to country. You can visit their official website and have a look through their list of countries they are currently associated with.

Horze also offers you a 30 day period within which you can return, exchange or get a refund for your item. However, refunds or returns are not applicable to personalized embroideries, minor detailing problems or slight color change issues.

Horze in Conclusion by Couponsmind Reviews

If you’re not in a rush to get your product urgently- Horze can be a pretty decent website for you to shop your equestrian accessories. The price range is kept flexible for all kind of horse lovers along with a lookbook section that gives you the latest apparel wears that you can sport. In a nutshell, Horze can be your go-to equestrian online store.

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