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Idle Sleep Review

Health is wealth and a big part of your health is your food and sleep. Giving your body enough rest and sleep are important for its proper functioning. It is scientifically proven getting 6-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep is ideal for a healthy lifestyle and good health. But for a good night’s sleep, your bed or more importantly your mattress has to be the perfect magic carpet that takes you on a trip to paradise every night. So, where do you find that magic mattress? At what price do you get access to such a heavenly experience?

With the world being hit by a wave of globalisation, the internet has found its way into every avenue of life. There is nothing under the sun that is not available over the internet today. From information to groceries, from wedding planners to wedding cakes, from baby cribs to baby names all your life’s needs has its solutions on the worldwide web. The internet is your one-stop solution to a better life, to a more relaxed and well-furnished lifestyle.

Well, your ticket to the gates of heaven is just a click away. Websites like cater to your every need in terms of beds and its accessories and ensure you a good and relaxing sleep. Having the right mattress is not only important for getting the right sleep but if your mattress is not soft enough, it causes lots of health issues like stiffness and soreness of back and neck, pain in joints, postural pains etc. So it is very important to know your mattress and buy the correct one.

Why main USP:-

All mattresses sold by are two-sided mattress which basically means you can use them from both sides. This is an ideal use situation because we often face the problem of our mattress getting pressed down from one side creating a depression or hollow that often causes pain and discomfort on sleeping. With the two-sided mattresses, this problem is permanently solved. This not only solves your problem with any sleep-related postural disorders and physiological pains but also increases the longevity of your mattress and allows you to get more for less.

The two-sided mattress uses the IDLE buoyancy foam that within its fine foam network traps in millions of microscopic air bubbles that provide you with the feeling that you are sleeping on clouds. Having the best airflow and the most relaxing foam, it ensures better support to your body and thus relaxes your mind and body ideally. The signature ThermacoolTM fabric used by maintains the temperature of the mattress adjusting with your body temperature such that you feel warm when you are cold and vice-versa. The mattress made from non-visco-elastic chemicals allows the mattress to stay cooler and also provide better support.

So next time you are thinking of buying a mattress, think about buying a two-sided mattress from

Know your mattress:- sells two-sided mattresses alright but in multiple varieties each of a different dimension and of a different price. They are as follows:

The Hybrid: as the name might give away, these mattresses have a combination of both IDLE premium foam as well as the best quantum edge-to-edge springs coils laid all through to give a more uniform pressure distribution. At14” this luxury mattress is truly a heavenly experience assuring you uninterrupted sleep even with intermittent movement from your partner. With prices starting at $799, this mattress is worth every bit of your money. The mattress is available in both medium and firm varieties.

The Hybrid Latex: a more smartly designed mattress this is the perfect choice for people who are not sure on the firmness of their mattress. The mattress utilising its two-sided feature is so designed that one side is a little firmer than the other such that one side behaves like medium while the other as firm. Priced t $929 this mattress is made of natural cotton and Talalay latex combined with quantum edge-to-edge spring units for that bounce and comfort.

The All Foam Variety: a 14” all foam option is ideal for buyers who are looking to cut down on the bounce of a spring mattress while not having to compromise with the comfort of the hybrid mattress. This mattress promises the same pressure relief and motion isolation features of the hybrid mattress at a much cheaper price. Starting at $799, the mattress is available in both medium and luxury firm varieties according to your need.

The 12” All Foam Dual Feel: the most modest of them all is the all foam 12″ variety with a combination of medium and luxury firmness on both sides of this dual-sided flappable mattress. Made of the finest and most comfortable foam, this no spring variety caters to the softness, comfort and body support expectation of its customers at a meagre $599. Loaded with all the superior features of an IDLE mattress this variety is the smart solution at an affordable price.

Most mattresses are divided into a medium or luxury firmness variety. But the question is when to opt for a medium firmness mattress or when to choose a luxury firmness mattress? Well, the answer to this lies in what kind of a sleeper are you. If you mostly sleep on your back and stomach it is best to choose luxury firmness while if you prefer to sleep on your side as well as back and stomach then the medium firmness mattress is your ideal deal.

Policies of refund and payment policies:

The company provides mattresses on a 120 trial with the provision of returning the mattress within this span if it fails to meet your expectations or does not serve your purpose. The only condition, of course, is that the mattress should not be damaged. Payments can be made online through credit and debit cards and just to make your life a bit easier, has joined hands with Klarna so that you can split up your payment over a period of 6-12 months as applicable with 0% APR. These superlative mattresses at almost affordable prices is a must buy for every household for a cloud-like feeling and superior support relief. The company provides a lifetime warranty on all its products with free shipping and return policy. Boasting of USA’s finest mattress sells mattress accessories as well. The company website also provides promo codes and discount coupons from time to time for customers to strike great cost effective deals on their purchases.

Mattress accessories to pick-up:

From the IDLE smart base priced at $200 to the IDLE platform base at $119, this website sells them all. The IDLE adjustable base at $850 is remote control regulated and can be adjusted to your body alignment and comfort. The mattress covers or sheets are made of the fined materials for the soft gentle feel while at the same time protecting your mattress and keeping it clean. The most innovative accessory is the IDLE gel pillow which is a gel-filled aerated pillow providing extra comfort to your neck and head while sleep. Priced at a meagre $99 the pillow has washable Tencel cover. All accessories are available at variable sizes and are delivered to your door-step with easy installation and use manuals and directions.

Pros and cons of

Made from the finest foams and quantum edge-to-edge spring coils units, the two-sided mattress from is an ideal addition to any bedroom for a comfortable and healthy sleep. Selling the newest technology in mattress design like a pro this company has evolved comfort with intelligence, their two-sided technology enhances the use and longevity of usual mattresses while keeping intact its services and comfort quotient to its customers. Nobody likes to hunt down ten different websites for a single product, so this website keeping the needs of its customers in mind also sells all mattress accessories and is your one-stop solution to setting up your luxurious sleeping abode-your bed. The only disadvantage is that it does not sell regular mattresses apart from its two-sided variety and so products prices are a little on the higher side. With the cheapest mattress variety priced at $599 and the cheapest accessory at $99, may not be the ideal mattress buying site for all and sundry.

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The final verdict:

Sleep is the ultimate relaxation for the mind, body and soul. A good night’s sleep can sometimes be all that you desire after a hectic day at work or slogging all through the week. But no sleep is complete without its correct appendages and so having the perfectly comfortable mattress is imperative for a sound sleep. If you are ready to spend the dollars then is your destination to landing some of the finest hand-made mattresses the USA has to offer. Long lasting, durable, soft, providing excellent body support while still on the cooler side when temperature control is considered, IDLE two-sided mattresses are a gem of a buy.

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