Happsy.com Mattress Review: All The Things You Should Know

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Happsy is a specialist of the Organic Mattress. The main specialty of this mattress is eco-friendly quality, natural, fully organic, etc. this quality provides healthy happier sleep within every morning.

They keep thing very simple, different and make things perfect.They always think for customer comforts. They use specially develop material and updated techniques while making our product. They can deliver you different sizes with a different design which will give a perfect finish in your home environment.Their bed designed to covey your story to your guest.

Happsy always uses organic cotton, organic latex, organic wool for our bed. These materials always provides extra comforts. With the help of pocketed spring, it contours every curve and allows inside heat to go out and give a comfortable sleep.

If you trust on our bed you will fall in love with us.They will get you perfect thing in your doorstep. They have availability of single, queen and king sizes bed.They believe we provide you a happy comfort home with an affordable cost.They are certified from GOTS.

They offer our own organic bed set. such as

  1. Happsy Organic Mattress Topper: The way it is pocket-friendly the same way it is sleep-friendly too. Fully made with organic cotton fabric without any harmful chemical. They promise you to provide extra comfort.
  2. Happsy Organic Mattress Pad: Mattress Pad helps to protect the mattress from any type of accident like water, dust, etc. it also provides nice finishing so that it can be easy to wash. It is also waterproof, suppose if any children drop food item on it that time it should not get affected.
  3. Happsy Organic Pillow: They can easily put your head on the pillow and take rest. Our pillow made with soft organic latex core cotton fabric. Because of its softness, you will feel very good while resting your head. Your morning will be brighter.
  4. Happsy Organic Sheet set: This sheet made with synthetic or heavy process fabric. This sheet consists with 1 flat sheet, 1 filter sheet, and 1 pillowcase. For queen and king size bed includes 2 pillow cover. This is very soft and breathable and very much comfortable sheets.
  5. Happsy Organic Foundation: Their mattress is very strong and durable. It is a premium organic cotton mattress which is perfect for kid’s and as well as adults. We have the standard size which can fit it to any bed. It fully covered with organic casting. It also helps to increase the airflow. It ensures proper breathability.

This is the best one which you can buy:

The best product of this store is mattress which is completely organic. They have used their creative technology for using natural materials. It has designed such a way that it must give a positive impact on the environment. All material which has been used are eco-friendly, organic, and properly harvested. They eliminate all harsh chemical, foams, etc. They have made it designed in such a way that it gives support to dissipating heat and make the night more comfortable. You can be relaxed.

Coupons and gift card: Happsy mattress includes organic cotton, organic wool, organic latex, pocketed spring, etc. offers Happsy coupons and gift cards too. Sometimes they give money off with the proper code. Some time some exciting gift voucher. Something free with their product also. If you can follow them you may get much more offer of this types.

Shipping and return policy:

Happsy mattress normally takes the 5-7 business day after receiving your order. The courier partner is FedEx or UPS. They normally take five business days and after that, it depends on where is your place.

Boxes are made such a way that delivery can be done easily. Two people from company side will come to your home to set your new bed. They will remove the mattress from the box. They have a separate cutting tool for plastic casting. After cutting this plastic they will put mattress on the floor and open the seals.

They have a return policy too. If you feel you are not going to use it then please do not open the box and also packaging.

Before doing the return company suggest to use for at least 30 days. After that also if you feel you do not want to use it then you can do return. Normally after start using it doesnot come return. Customers falls in love with their mattress.

Normally return does not come to Happsy. They will donate some local ordinances. But from your doorstep they take it to return without any cost. But for non-mattress products like topper, accessories, etc they will provide proper invoice copy or returned level. Service partner FedEx or UPS reaches to your home and collect it.

They have the faster delivery option. Their channel is very good that they can deliver any kind of places within a promised time. Their employees are well-educated, well-behaved. Any problem while setting bedtime they can easily solve. They are very much expert that they do not spend much time and finish their work soon and leave the place. They will not take more than 30 minutes of time.

Organic diagram of happsy mattress

Benefit:There are some benefits which are following below:

  • They have a good return policy. If any chance customer does not like they can return it.
  • Return is fully free of cost.
  • They do not do recycling.
  • You can do return within 30 days after using also.
  • They have an option to give for the trial basis for 120 nights.
  • Every replacement they provide the proper documentation.
  • They respect customers and do all work within a promised time.
  • Employees are well-behaved.

Advantage: There are some advantages which are discussed below:

  • Happsy makes an organic mattress to take a suggestion from engineers, chiropractors, and consumers.
  • Mattress is very comfortable and provides a nice sleep.
  • No chemical treatment includes.
  • It made with organic cotton which has grown without synthetic chemical.
  • They provide best material white making this.
  • Highly affordable in cost.
  • The main advantage of it is hybrid comfort system which is very clear.
  • If by any chance you do not get the proper size, you can do replacement easily.

Disadvantage:There are some disadvantages which are discussed below:

As per some customer’s review mattresses are nice but too firm. Tall people face difficulty to sleep on it. They may get back pain too.

It is made with Wool which is an animal fiber. You need to wash it once in a year. So many people allergic to wool.

Conclusion: The main vision of this Happsy is to provide organic things to the customer which does not have any side effect. These mattresses are environmental friendly. A good mattress makes a lot of difference in life. It helps to get proper sleep with proper lifestyle. It makes your room more beautiful compare to others. your all expectation will become fulfilled. According to pricing, it is affordable. It will make your life better, healthier and also easier. So Happsy mattress are the best and also affordable for everyone.

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