Colin F. Watson Review: HCG Coaching and Online HCG Supplier Los Angeles

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Colin F. Watson is a fat burn program. They will make sure that you will definitely lose weight and get your body in shape. They have their exclusive HCG fat loss program which you will not get anywhere. They always believe in results. They planed their program in such a way that you will definitely get your expected result.

They are there in a market from the past 13 years. They will change your meal plan completely. They ask you to include some more things. You need to make a revolutionary weight loss program. Daily intake must be micronutrient-rich recipes and High-intensity interval training (HIIT) are necessary. They will do everything in the step-by-step procedure so that you can burn fat and gain the muscle. They already use the same technique for 8000 people and the success rate was 96%.

They have their advanced HCG diet protocol approach which is not available anywhere. Through this, you can achieve fast your desire body with proper safety. HCG is completely safe and homemade therapy kind. They had to mention everything in two books. If you want, you can follow those.

HCG is also called Human Chorionic gonadotropin. It is a hormone which produces the time of pregnancy. From cells, it comes out and nourishes the egg. When a baby is in womb HCG make sure that baby gets enough calories. So HCG diet drops prepare with this types of recipes. So if you start taking this drop you will definitely lose 1 pound per day.

Don’t for get to use Colin F. Watson Coupon Codes to get 10% off any products.

Colin F. Watson makes their diet plan in three phases. Those are discussed below:

  1. HCG Body Mastery Retreat: They guaranteed you that if you are a newcomer also in this “HCG Body Rocker” you will definitely get your expected returns. You need to follow their instruction like daily HIIT workouts minimum 15 minutes, yoga, instructions of fitness, proper meditation, etc. Spa treatment also you can take which will make your body relax and also rejuvenate.
  2. HCG Phase 1: Starting you can intake more amount of fatty food because you are starting with the HCG diet. It is necessary to take more calories food. Later stage intake will become 500 to 700 calories per day. That time you can take HCG, which will help to compensate that. Starting some days you can enjoy whatever you want to eat. After some day diet chart must be:

• Breakfast: Bacon, sausage, ham omelet can be eaten.
• Midmorning snack: In this includes donuts, strawberries, whip cream, etc.
• Lunch: Lunch can be chicken, pork, baked potato, etc.
• Afternoon snack: You can take different fruits milkshake.
• Dinner: Dinner includes pasta, bread, Caesar salad, cheesecake, etc.
• Late night snack: This time you can eat ice cream, potato chips, etc.

You need to take HCG injection early in the morning. You need to push the areas like abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and hip. So that you can push it inside born.

3. HCG Phase 2: This is the time when you need to restrict your diet. This time your calorie limit is 550-750. Every day without forgetting you must take injection early in the morning. Food becomes very limited like meats, fruits, vegetables, etc. carbohydrates should not be and also a few fatty food intakes must be.

The menu must be:

  • Breakfast: Tea or coffee can be taken in liquid except for water.
  • Mid Morning Snack: Grapefruit can be eaten.
  • Lunch: Multiple veggies can be taken.
  • Snack: Fruits like apple can be your snack.
  • Dinner: different different vegetable can be eaten.
  • Late Evening Snack: Strawberries can be eaten.

4. HCG Phase 3: This phase is the stabilization phase. This time muscle gets build. In your body hypothalamus gland controls so many things in the body. height, weight, eye color, waistline all get control. Height and weight must be in a certain limit. Your eating must be good and need to set hypothalamus properly so that you can gain weight back again.

This is the best one which you can buy:

They have some product those are most saleable. Those are starter injection, HCG Inj kit for 30 days, HCG Injection kit for 45 days, HCG Injection kit for 60 days, a combo of injection and drops kit for 30 days, couple HCG Injection kit for 30 days, and much more.

Coupons and gift card: Coinfwastson does not provide direct coupons or gift card. They have one affiliated program called HCG affiliated course. You can join that program and start earning money. You can earn money in every sale. You need to create an account link with your email and you need to check your account balance are growing. The amount will keep getting credited when your visitors become their customers.

The process of affiliation:

  • Because of some interest, visitors will click affiliated link or an email.
  • IP address gets the track and browse will track the purpose.
  • Sometimes browser decides to order thing from their site.
  • If browser order, then it will be a sale and commission will be receiving to your account.

If you had already registered, then you can put your username and password, the account will get linked automatically. You can start your earning every supporting thing they will support.

Shipping and return policy: your shipping will arrive you within 14 business days after receiving the order. Package number can be vary depending on the quantity. Any shipping related query not to be entertained before completion of 14 days. Any urgent query you can call to the toll-free number.

You can order through the website. They only accept QUICKPAY and it is US Bank. They accept direct bank transfer, E-Debit –E-Check, Cashier’s check, Money Orders, etc. They charge shipping cost approximately $7.90 to $23.50.

If your shipment gets loose within 21 working days then they will re-ship again with free. You must be available the time of delivery so that you can provide your signature. If you receive damage item you need to send a photo on their email and they will send you a fresh product and take back the damage one. You need to inform them immediately then they will do return.


  1. You can follow their guidelines and start the HCG diet plan.
  2. If you continue properly definitely you will start getting a result in a couple of days.
  3. They have a toll free number, you can call them if you have any query.


  1. Colin F. Watson only focuses on the result. They also provide a gurentted result.
  2. Some people like to eat so they can not control to their diet, that time HCG helps most.
  3. HCG controls your appetite and reduce your hunger and keep far from unwanted fats and fuel.
  4. They have a proper diet chart which helps you to know how much intake calories you must take.


  1. They do not have a live chat option. Always calling in official time may not be possible for some professionals.
  2. They do not do worldwide shipping. Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, etc they do not ship their product.

Conclusion: HCG provides a gurenteed solution. This is suitable for long-term plan. You need to take daily without forgetting. You need to follow food habits according to Colin F. Watson. They only can provide the best diet solution compare to others.


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