25 Best Places To Buy Unique Jewelry Online With Great Deals and Coupon Codes

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When you want to give gift to your wife then most of women cannot think of anything other than being able to have a beautiful jewel. If you are looking for or want to make a special present, or even treat yourself, now we present you in a selection of the 25 best luxury jewelry brands in the world so that you can choose which one is your favorite.

Invest in gold jewelry is a common practice in many homes. Considered as a symbol of purity and luxury, here are some tips to keep in mind while using the cash on jeweler.

Obviously, the jewelries that the vast majority of us do not even have access to, but this does not mean that we can know them a little better and appreciate why they are so well valued. The famous ones go out of their way for jewels like these and brands that you may not know at all so we present them to you next.

Think before you buy

When you are thinking of buying something that is very expensive like a jewel, it is best to make some decisions before going out to buy it. What budget do you have? Are you looking for a certain type of metal or stone? Any exact brand? When you decide in advance what are the important aspects of what you want to buy, you are less likely to make an impulsive purchase that you end up regretting.

When going to buy jeweler in the shop then ask the following questions:

  • Ask what the refund is and return policies before buying.
  • Look for the corresponding bearings for gold, silver and platinum jewelry.
  • If you are about to buy pearls, ask if they are natural, cultured or imitation.
  • Ask if a gemstone is natural, created in the laboratory or imitation, and if it is a treated stone, ask if the change is permanent, if it should be taken care of in some particular way, and if the treatment affects the value of the stone.

Verify that the receipt includes the information on which you based on your purchase decision, for example, the weight or size of the stone. Some jewelers can give you a gemological laboratory qualification report.

When buy on the internet

Before buying, do a little research to verify the legitimacy of the company, or buy from well-known stores. You can investigate the reputation of a store by entering the seller’s name in a search engine along with the word “complaints”.

Before buying, get the details of the product, and also the refund and return policies of the merchant.
Make sure they give you a real address or phone number to contact the seller in case you have any questions or problems. Call the phone number to verify that it works. It is important that you can find out if the seller is based in another country.

How to file a complaint

If you have a problem with the jewel you bought, first try to solve it with the jeweler. If the jeweler does not give you a satisfactory solution, contact:

  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • The Office of the Attorney General of your state of residence
  • The   Better Business Bureau
  • The dispute resolution service Jewelers Vigilance Committee’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Service

Below is detail of some famous jeweler shop

About J.R. Dunn Jewelers

James Robert Dunn started his career as a sales representative for IBM. He get motivate to open jewelry shop from a magazine when he saw some beautiful pieces of jewelry in the magazine.  When he get time from his busy schedule he attend some correspondence courses to learn about jewelry, and then move to NY to study more regarding diamonds jewelry and colored stones. From there he stated his career.

His wife was 10 years old when her family immigrated to this country from Italy. He first meet her at IBM, there they work together. It did not take long for Ann Marie to master the English language and become the interpreter for her father’s cabinet-making business. She went to work every day after school with her father from age 11 until she graduated high school. Soon after, she joined the team at IBM. “It was IBM that helped us forge our philosophies about customer service and business.

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Shop Worn

As the first brand among the most expensive of all we have Shop Worn   whose price is around 3,700 dollars for a pair of small diamond earrings. Here one can get the best jewelry and lot of other branded gift items.

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One of the most expensive firms in the world of jewelry, but also of the most prestigious in its development. The perfect harmony of stylistic elements and the skill of the jeweler are of supreme importance for this firm. As for their prices, very high of course but they provides quality product to its customer.

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A firm that is luxurious as well as very high quality. We can find pearls, emeralds, or diamonds among the materials of the vast majority of its products. Here one can jewelry of all type and from small budget to very high range.

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ZZ – Seller Savings Direct

Specialists in diamonds, ZZ Seller Saving direct jewelry stand out as the most expensive. In fact they tend to always appear in the lists of jewelries with higher prices. This signature is common among celebrities who wear their jewelry when events such as the Oscars take place.

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The fifth best luxury jewelry brand in the world. In this jewelry store in New York, with stores all over the world, we find the most elegant and exquisite jewelry. Each and every one of its pieces have been created with innovative techniques, that is why the result is an original and perfect pieces ideal to show off the most important day of your life. Exclusive accessories for unique days!

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Their prices are also among the highest. But the truth is that it should not be strange why it is so expensive. Their pieces and specifically the watches are exclusive since the firm conceives, develops and manufactures their own movements for them. They offer you a beautiful selection of jewelry, with a wide variety of designs for all tastes. They have jewelry for weddings to the best fashion jewelry,  which you can wear day by day combining it with all kinds of looks and styles. Discover also our careful selection of engagement rings , which will guarantee you the “yes, I want”.

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A orogem ring, simple, in gold and diamonds can be worth about 1,000 Euros, a price quite expensive for the vast majority of us, but that is nothing for the famous who usually wear their jewelry. It is also a signature that has served as an image of some celebrities who have ended up being icons of fashion.

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Currently, Cartier has stores all over the world and despite prices that only the luckiest can afford. A ring with diamonds or with a pink sapphire can be of high range. It is another of those brands that cannot be missing in events such as the Oscars, the Golden Globes or the Emmys.

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Picturesong gold is perhaps best known, for being the firm that makes the jewelry that shine. In the guarantee time period, some part of jewelry with a manufacturing imperfection confirmed by their technological staff will be mending or replaced without any charge, during a period of 24 months after the purchase. Once this period is over, the labor required for any intervention will be billed.

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The search for excellence and the development of new movements demonstrate incredible capacity for innovation. His ultra-flat creations and creative interpretations for the most beautiful watch making complications have taken the brand to the top of the world of traditional manufacturing and watch making art, thus ranking among the most valued jewelry firms.

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Currently, Cartier has stores all over the world and despite prices that only the luckiest can afford. A ring with diamonds or with a pink sapphire can of high budget. Among its features is the customer service 16/7 from Monday to Friday, the offer of the lowest wholesale price, and shipping to almost any country in the world.

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Over time they have become not only a jewelry firm, but also fragrances, watches, and chests. They have range of some earrings or a ring of white gold and inlaid with diamonds and these can cost not too much although we can still find some jewelry with three figures.

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Gold boutique

Here you can find a large collection of accessories and jeweler in which to choose between  rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, handbags  and even mobile cases. It is also a firm specializing in pearls .

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Adornmonde is a store that in addition to being known as a fashion firm is also for its jewelry that is acclaimed throughout the world thanks to a modern design that also tends to combine with the rest of their proposals.
Adornmonde jewelry is usually characterized by having designs based on the creation of jewelry from pieces of gold and silver, highlighting especially the necklaces and bracelets or bracelets that are divine. The prices are obviously up to being considered one of the most luxurious jewelry brands in the world, and although a ring can cost you around 1,000 Euros, a necklace like the one you see in the image costs more than 6,500 Euros.

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Kyboe sure sounds like a brand not only fashionable, but also as a brand of perfumes and beauty, but is also considered one of the most luxurious jewelry brands in the world, including its wonderful watches whose designs like to everyone. But we can also find bracelets made with diamonds, gold necklaces or rings that have some of the most expensive gemstones in the world.

This is why Kyboe stands out among the most luxurious jewelry firms considering that their designs are truly spectacular. In the image we see one of the watches that I mentioned, called Code Coco, which made in steel.

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You may not be too keen on the purchase of luxury jewelry, we do not have a firm like Emma Chole , but the fact is that it is also one of the most luxurious jewelry brands in the world because all of its jewels are pieces of art. unique.

Carrying one of your emeralds denotes not only that you have money but that you also know about jewelry being this brand, founded in Geneva by the jeweler of Emma Chole  one of the most outstanding in Swiss fine jewelry. A firm that for a long time is considered as perhaps the most specialized in luxury crafts for jewelry and evidently, the elaboration by hand of unique pieces is not cheap. To get an idea of their prices, some earrings such as those you see in image can overcome without problem.

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Jessejamesbeads is a firm that has gained weight its fame and popularity. It is one of the best known worldwide, which stands out for the luxury and refinement of each of its creations.  Here the consumer has the right to have the repair or replacement free of charge, under the same terms as those regulated for the return of defective products.

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At present, it is a brand that stands out for its modern cut jewelry and for its expansion of business to other routes such as fragrances, watches, chests and luxury hotels.

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Perhaps the most famous of the list. He must thank his notoriety at first to the movie “Breakfast with diamonds”, although today it has stores all over the world and has become one of the most important and luxurious jewelry brands. They bet on very careful forms and the use of precious stones to get unique pieces.

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Possibly the most peculiar signature in terms of the creation of unique and striking pieces. Bet especially for the emeralds to give the touch of color to each jewel and an insurmountable shine.

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Within this signature we find very peculiar pieces, since the great majority has rare gems in their composition. Its founder expanding all over the world in a short time. Currently, his creations are highly demanded in large events, and stand out for their designs in white and yellow tones.

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This establishment is a brand of artisan jewelry whose pieces evoke the magic and mystery of life. His designs are characterized by organic and irregular textures inspired by nature, sacred ethnic jewelry, Catalan and French art , and based on the beauty of the imperfect. These sets have behind them great stories of love and commitment that have survived throughout history. They are true works of art.

We like: you can find everything from personalized and very different alliances to the traditional engagement rings, earrings, bracelets … Pie Jewels & Design’s alliances are characterized by their original and organic designs, with finishes in yellow gold, white gold, silver and brass, with high quality semiprecious stones such as fair trade diamond, emerald and ruby, among others.

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The professionals of this establishment have bet from the beginning to surprise their clients with an innovative jewelry concept, detached from traditional high jewelry, facilitating access to the public and providing an interactive and personalized shopping experience. Thanks to its unique and different business model, the attractive price of its jewelry does not compromise the quality of the products in any way. In Thechaingang workshop, each piece is created with delicacy, style and deep knowledge.

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They are known as best diamond jewelry store all over the word. Diamond veneer is known because of its best collection of Diamond.  They choose special techniques to build diamonds. Here you can get Diamond jeweler of all type from small to high range.

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Perfumedjewelry is a firm with a great history that has made its mark in the luxury sector of jewelery. Designs, manufactures, distributes and markets jewelry, fine watch making and other items, whose distinctive signs are product quality, exclusivity in design and excellence in customer service.

We like: perfumedjewelry wants to consolidate its leadership in the luxury sector, reaching a larger size, being more profitable and developing a well-known brand in the market, without renouncing its values and identity of a family business. The main values of this firm are excellence, integrity, innovation and long-term vision.
Each piece of the signature is a unique work of art of great quality and beauty. Imagination, freedom, originality and transgression identify this brand. The exclusivity of the perfumedjewelry has given her jewels recognition in international professional circles. They offer a special collection for brides, with careful designs and stones of the best quality.

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We are about to finalize our review of the best luxury jewelry brands in the world, and we wanted to talk about Garrard, which has the prestige of being one of the longest-running brands in jewelry making.

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The use of jewelry, for many cultures, has been understood as a good luck practice that stimulates the spirit to achieve each goal or dream that is proposed. Although many refuse to believe it, in a certain way, these have a quite magical influence for us.

The jewelry designers who consecrate themselves to his artistic work, they know that each piece should have its own meaning. The ladies, attending to their personality and following their instincts know that jewels go more with them; some choose the sober, classic and elegant, others like fun and modern designs; the most daring ones wear discreet jewels that break schemes and formulations and are genuinely unique and sensual.
These accessories have different functions in our lives. The first, of course, is to make us look incomparably beautiful. It makes us feel more confident and optimistic, and by receiving praise for wearing fascinating jewelry we raise our self-esteem. In addition, the use of a certain jewel says a lot about our way of being.

The jewels are the perfect complement to the beauty and natural class of any lady. They know how to make them look like real divas and carry their style of elegance and glamour. Many women love to notice their presence anywhere and make a good impression, that’s why they always wear spectacular designs that make a shower of looks fall on them.

Gentlemen can also wear jewelry, although they must be more discreet, for them the key to success is simplicity. They must demonstrate the security and solidity of their personality. The cufflinks of precious metals like silver gives them a very sophisticated and successful businessman touch; they are indispensable to complete an image of pure luxury.

A special relevance can come to acquire a jewel in the life of a person. It can have great emotional meaning. The engagement ring is a perfect sample of what is expressed. He will always remember that wonderful day when the wedding of our dreams was celebrated. A jewel can also be passed on from generation to generation as a symbol of identity for an entire family.

The quality of the piece implies greater durability of it and reveals your social status, which is why using Cast may Design jewelry will be a wise choice, because we value the importance of a good design combined with first class materials such as gold or silver and the wonderful pearls that make more than one sigh.
Receiving a jewel as a gift is an act that without words says that we represent so much in the life of the other person. That is why we have to choose carefully, and take into account the personal tastes of the future owner of the accessory. For any occasion, for example a wedding anniversary, a jewel is the ideal present. So be careful when selecting the jewelry.

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